Is It All About England?

What a fascinating country England is. This is not even a question – we all realise that the UK and England in particular is a place where many cultures meet and where many standards are created. What do we mean by that? Well for starters the English stock market is the largest in Europe and London is considered by many to be the financial capital of Europe. London itself is full of attractions, fun places and buildings with plenty of history and great architecture. On top of all that England is known for its club football championship. And we mean all stages, not just the Premier League. We will peak into all of that in a second.

Information is vital to our way of life nowadays

Getting the news right regarding a melting pot such as London is a tough assignment and if you want to be up to date you really need to go the extra mile. There is plenty of information shared in this huge city but you need to weed through it in order to get to the real stuff. This is especially important when it comes to politics, economy and finances. These branches really pay well in the UK but in order to get to them you really need to be special. Imagine having your office in The Shard – the tallest building in the UK. All of this sounds perfect but everyday life in London can be pretty hard to handle. The city has one of the worst traffic situations in Europe and it doesn’t look it is going to get better any time soon. Getting on the Tube is a smart idea even though there are plenty of passengers there as well. We are talking about millions weekly. This number is enormous and the bad thing is that the Tube is not going to get any new extensions soon.

EnglandI any way visiting some of the sites can be quite refreshing even though the huge number of tourists waiting in line can turn this into a pretty nerve racking experience. Anyway, you should be able to make your way to Tower Bridge or the Westminster Abbey. Ride the London Eye if possible as the view from there is breathtaking.

But the English football is something which is very popular worldwide. Some of the best players have their careers there and a lot of money is involved. Unfortunately the national team doesn’t look like it will be able to find its stride. England basically has not had any international success over the past 2 decades or so. The team is really mediocre and the reasons for this are many. Very few talented local boys play in the Premier League as teams mostly count on expensive transfers. The coaching position has also been problematic and this has resulted in a number of specialists being sacked recently. All of this goes to show you that having good club football does not necessarily mean that you will also have international success.

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