The Woes of Feeling Wealthy Amongst the Rich

A person could be seen as rich by some, and poor by others – depends on who you ask. It turns out though that Great Britain’s top 1% earners (multimillionaires by anyone’s standards) are feeling the blues of rubbing shoulders with the UK’s ultra-rich nought one percent of earners (whose wealth is pretty much uncountable). As arrogant as it sounds, the whole thing makes sense in a twisted kind of way. The study into rich vs. super rich was conducted by London School of Economics, it discovered that:

It seems like blind arrogance could be summed up in 3 key points

  • The top 1% earners in Britain couldn’t help but look up to the ‘much higher earners’ i.e. the ultra-rich nought one percent of population and wanted to be just like them when they grow up.
  • A senior banker who shall remained nameless was feeling depressed and down over his feelings that a net income of hundred grand (Pounds Sterling) per year isn’t that great at all.
  • Top 1% -ers of the income food chain felt there was ‘vast absolute income inequality’ which inevitably created envy.

Person with cigarApparently Britain’s top paid workers (who get north of 140k pounds a year) feel underpaid in an environment where they are surrounded by other people who earn millions in net income annually. If it was just a matter of figures then yes – the best paid workers cannot match the millionaires and billionaires out there. Imagine what normal people who earn peanuts compared to those individuals would say about this.

Despite what talking heads at the top think and feel, fact of the matter is the world is getting poorer while few at the top get richer. A status quo which has toppled empires – something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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